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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stripe Season

June is here and it's time to break out the stripes! 

We've got all the classics from Armorlux and some fun new colors, too! 

Don't you just want them all?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Perfect Shirt

The cold from this long winter is finally waning, the world is blooming, and the springtime sun is shining! We're on a spring cleaning kick, happily packing away the thick sweaters and down coats to make way for warmer weather wares. 


This is the time of year when the potential holes in our wardrobes are always assessed: What fits and what doesn't? What did we finally wear out at the end of last summer that needs replacing? What do we need to stock up on for this fresh new season?

This year the answer to a lot of our wardrobe questions can be answered by AGLINI.

 An Italian company started by a father and son team, Aglini has built a substantive reputation in Italy in the short amount of time since their inception in 2007 for continually creating the perfect shirt. Only available in the U.S. since 2013, we are so excited to debut this line at Black Parrot!

Expertly tailored pieces combined with the highest quality textiles milled in small Italian factories are quickly becoming wardrobe staples for us.

Aglini shirts are noted for possessing a casual elegance; the styling is not too fussy but the styles are still refined enough for the office. 

Put your sunglasses on, grab an iced coffee, take a stroll in the sunshine  and come into our Portland store to check out of spring goodies!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring is beginning to bloom

We may still have a few months to go until the weather catches up to where we wish it would be, however slowly but surely Spring is approaching. We have just started to receive some new pieces into the store, and they couldn't be more perfect for this time of year- mix-and-match separates that can be melded into your Winter wardrobe and transition perfectly into Spring. 

Our first delivery from Creatures of Comfort defines everything we love about the freshness and lightness of warmer weather dressing! 

Their low-key florals feel fresh and the pieces are basic without being boring. A white top is updated with small perforations, and we are embracing longer skirts this season as they feel effortless and chic. The ubiquitous black sweater is updated with a chenille-like texture and the cropped length is perfect for throwing over skirts and dresses.

 Indigo-dyed jersey pieces add a brightness and versatility to the typical shade of navy, adding interest to a neutral color.

 A personal favorite from the collection is this muted floral side tie dress. It's one of those pieces that is universally flattering and I know it would be a piece that I'd wear with frightening frequency: with black tights and boots in the winter and a lovely flat sandal when the temperatures start to rise.

 Make a stop into our Portland shop to see all of these new goodies and make sure to keep an eye out for more new arrivals!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beat the Winter Blues (with Color!)

With the excitement of the holidays dissipating into the realization that we have many winter months left to conquer, we are looking for ways to cope with the inevitable winter blues that always hit us this time of year. 

What better way to combat the dark and stark winter months than to load up on color? We admit we're all guilty of channeling our winter depression into the clothes that we wear, black sweaters, black boots, black coat- but not this year! We are making it a point to seek out and incorporate color into our daily routine, and we swear it has made a difference!

What better way to embrace this trend than with a colorful coat? This bright orange slim quilted coat from Antipast (with matching scarf!) is sure to bring a smile to your face even on the darkest of winter days.

quilted scarves from Antipast
 New to Black Parrot's racks this year, Italian outerwear line Duvetica is all about color. Our favorite versatile piece is this reversible down vest, with a vibrant hue on one side and a muted gray on the other, wear your color loudly or peeking out as a lining! 

In addition to being reversible, this vest is also packable - perfect for a last minute winter getaway!

No need to sacrifice warmth for style with this cherry red ultralight down coat from Herno- it has it all! With complimentary Wallace+Sewell plaid scarf, you'll never be lost in a snowstorm.

For those strange warm winter days that seem to be popping up every week we love grabbing our classic yellow rain slicker from Armorlux with a contrasting navy and white striped lining-- tres chic!

If you've got the winter coat covered but are still longing for a little spice in your winter wardrobe, look no further than these amazing turquoise leather boots from Penelope Chilvers! How cute is that contrasting striped elastic gusset? Bonus points for being able to wear them right into spring!

Need a little more brightness in your life? Look no further than these beautifully pigmented silicone coated water bottles from BKR and colorful & fragrant candles from Lafco.

So tell us, what's your secret to battling the winter blues? 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

o.X.s. Rubber Soul

We are excited to welcome the Fall/Winter collection of o.X.s Rubber Soul to Black Parrot!

Coming to us straight from Italy, this footwear brand combines luxurious calf leather with timeless Pirelli rubber for a unique and innovative look. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, each pair of shoes is constructed by hand from start to finish in Piticchio, Italy. 

The fusion of leather and rubber together is what o.X.s Rubber Soul values as the "soul" of their operation, as every pair is hand painted slowly with rubber to encase the leather perfectly until it becomes a solid shell. 

We love the combination of leather and rubber for it's look as well, these shoes maintain just the right level of edginess without being over the top, and the unique colors are interesting but are neutral enough to be easily paired with anything in our closets.

Finally, we love the point at which fashion meets practicality- especially in footwear. The rubber encasement makes the shoes waterproof, making them perfect for the muck and snowy weather that consumes our climate a good portion of the year. These boots are a welcome excuse to tuck our LL Bean boots away this Winter in favor of something a little more fashionable and (dare we say it?)--  bring on the snow!

Come into the Portland store today to try these on, sizes are going quickly!

Friday, September 13, 2013

All in the Details - Hache & Ter et Bantine

After the roller coaster weather that we have survived in the past week, we appear to have emerged on the other side of it with our feet set firmly in fall. As sad as we always are when a Maine summer comes to an end, the warm and cozy consolation prize is fall fashion!

Here at Black Parrot we are ready to embrace the change in season, encouraged by the anticipation of all the wonderful clothing we have coming in for the season. We have already received a flurry of Fall deliveries over the past few weeks that we can't wait to share with you!

Hache wool and textured leather snap front jacket

Two lines we always look forward to receiving are Hache and sister company Ter et Bantine. Their Fall collections are simply amazing, the fabrics are rich and intricately pieced together. The cuts are all very wearable and perfect for layering in the cooler fall temperatures.

 Ter et Bantine leather sleeve, velvet back dress

Hache printed silk tunic 

    Hache printed velvet and wool dress

Texture plays a big role in this collection, from velvet to embroidery to thick wools and soft leathers, done in a way that feels fresh but classic at the same time. The deep hues that are present throughout feel luxurious combined with their respective fabrics.

Hache classic fitted black dress

 Hache olive pleated wrap skirt with leather snap detail

Ter et Bantine organza button down and two-tone cropped pant
Ter et Bantine blue velvet dress

 Hache wool, velvet and embroidered tunic

 We are in love with the entire collection and we think you'll love it as well, come into the Portland store to see these beautiful pieces in person!